COVID-19 as innovation driver: Making HR fit for the future (Part 3 of 3)

Categories: organizationPublished On: 3.12.2020

The radical shift of many companies towards remote work triggered by COVID-19 poses an immense challenge for HR organizations because emerging forms of work must be sustained by a sufficient IT infrastructure. From remote recruiting to new company agreements to changed performance management, the pressure to act is palpable.

Corona is also fuelling pre-existing megatrends with HR impact, in particular demographic change and digitalization. Many companies are currently making extensive cuts in personnel capacities, which will soon make the search for new, qualified employees even more difficult. The personnel development of existing employees is becoming even more important due to COVID-19. Competence building in topics of the future, such as change management, people analytics, new work and digital learning, must be accelerated in order to be able to react to the changing times. At the same time, the strongly increasing digital interaction of employees places new demands on HR, from more automated internal processes to completely different channels of employee communication.

In order to meet all these challenges, a modern HR organization is required that can meet the demands of a powerful partner for the business units in the market. Our extensive experience in the field of HR organizational development shows how this can be achieved. Read more in our article acondas HR Future: Managing HR Transformation Successfully.

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