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Mastering projects

Perfectly equipped for every project situation! By choosing acondas, you benefit from our consultants’ vast project and training experience. In real-life exercises, we prepare you for the diverse challenges in your everyday project work. Sharing experiences with our team also enables you to gain new perspectives. Discover the perfect balance between theory and practice!

Insights into the Learning Lab

Overview of our trainings

Project Management

(Sub-)project managers, 2 days

Training of project management methods and competencies throughout the entire project lifecycle

Agile Project Management

Non-IT project members, 1 day

Communication of the necessary know-how to implement projects using agile methods

Communication and Chart Design

All employees, 1 day

Training of capabilities, methods and techniques for verbal and written communication

Leadership in projects

(Sub-)project managers, 1 day

Leadership competencies, basic principles of motivating employees, and project leadership styles

What our clients say


“Very good balance between theory and exercises.”
“It turned out to be exactly the training that I was looking for.”
“I really enjoyed the training. It was very valuable for me to improve my skills. Thank you!”
“I personally found it very useful. I am new in the PL role and feel I have a very good basis now!”
“Very professional, well structured!”
“I really liked it. The best hands-on training I ever attended.”
“Project case studies with numerous opportunities to practice.”
“These were three revealing, valuable and well-moderated days. I am thankful I could enjoy this learning experience.”
“This week I had to hold two presentations in which I was able to apply the training content.”
“Very good training from practitioners for practitioners.”


Some of our trainers

Dr. Andreas Florissen

Managing Director

> 20 years of project experience
> 14 years of training experience

Dr. Jörg Fengler

Managing Director

> 20 years of project experience
> 12 years of training experience

Mareike Falk

Senior Manager

> 10 years of project experience
> 6 years of training experience

Nicolas Lampen


> 15 years of project experience
> 5 years of training experience

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