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A company never stands still, but is constantly evolving. Structures must be changed, processes optimized and systems adapted. These organizational changes are also accompanied by cultural changes. We support you in the implementation of your organizational transformation. Our acondas consultants bring our methodological expertise in classic and agile project management as well as our professional competence in a wide range of organizational issues to the concrete project work. Our acondas consultants bring our methodological expertise in classic and agile project management as well as our specialist expertise in a wide range of organizational issues to bear on specific projects.

HR Future: Target Operating Model

We offer your company a tried-and-tested, holistic approach to transforming HR organizations. In five steps, we guide and support our clients in the transformation from the current state to the HR future:

  • Define HR strategy
  • Understand the here and now
  • Develop a new HR world
  • Start the transformation
  • Live HR Future

We ensure our clients that the future organization is aligned with the company’s strategic goals and is smoothly integrated using our integrated project and change management approach.

Agile organization

A volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment requires new forms of organizational structure. Today, agile organizations are often referred to as the target model. The transformation from traditional to agile organizations takes several years and goes through various stages of maturity:

  • Use of individual agile tools
  • Spread of agile methods and ways of working
  • Establishment of agile structures and setup
  • Practiced agile culture

We support our clients step by step along their agile transformation path. As experts in agile project management and with many years of experience in change projects, we are the ideal partner for agile transformation projects. With us, your strategy will be a success!

Project Case Study

Successful transformation

In the area of organization, we were able to support an international life science corporation with our consulting services. Our aim was to standardize the organization’s structures globally and locally. We supported the company for two years on the path to a new organizational structure – ultimately, the concept was successfully anchored in all divisions, functions (from employee to management level), global responsibilities and country organizations.

Management consulting: Integrating organizational structures in a targeted manner

The path to reorganization

You can use new structures to make your organization functional if they are outdated and no longer fit in with your day-to-day business. With the support of our acondas consultants, you can take this step without neglecting important aspects of the transformation process. Drawing on the years of expertise of our implementation consultants, we create individual solutions that suit your company and your ideas for the future. This prevents employees from not accepting the new structures or not taking on goal-oriented feedback. The acondas experts support you in reacting flexibly to new requirements.

The key to success: creating acceptance for strategies

With the help of our strategy implementation consultants, you will experience step-by-step how the active involvement of employees in the transformation process not only strengthens the corporate culture, but also leads to sustainable results. This is because our focus is on the consolidation of the new structure and, above all, that the new structure is actively lived.

Sustainable training and workshops: Knowledge transfer and development

To ensure the long-term integration of the new organizational structure, we focus on knowledge transfer. We do this by providing training and workshops that help employees in your company deepen and apply their knowledge of how to maintain organizational structures. Continuous training and development of your team is particularly important to us to ensure that profitable practices are embedded in the culture. That’s why we can partner with your company for years to ensure that the new organizational structure is actually implemented.

Project and change management

Even the most exemplary sustainability strategy does not implement itself. People’s attitudes and behaviors do not change automatically, especially in the context of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). Sustainability projects therefore require both active project management and far-reaching change management in order to meet environmental, social and governance requirements and expectations. Our integrated approach (acondas PCM®) combines the “hard” factors of project management with the “soft” factors of change management. This also includes the definition of ESG KPIs and targets. Our approach addresses all aspects of sustainability projects that are critical to success and intervenes in their implementation in a targeted, active and effective manner. This is how we ensure the successful implementation of the sustainable transformation.

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Better project results through a holistic view
  • Faster implementation thanks to more motivated employees
  • Higher commitment to project results thanks to visible sponsors and opportunities for participation
  • More efficient and effective control by identifying dependencies and synergies
  • Risk minimization by involving all important stakeholders
  • Measurable results through integrated progress and success tracking
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