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The implementation of value enhancement programs aims at a sustainable improvement of your company’s performance. Whether you want to reduce costs, increase earnings or achieve both: With our extensive experience from numerous value enhancement projects, we have tried-and-tested methods in planning, evaluating and implementing measures as well as measuring and tracking improvement potential.

We create the implementation framework for your value enhancement program and achieve sustainable project results. With our holistic approach acondas NEXT® we develop, evaluate and implement value enhancement measures together with you to achieve the specified program objectives.

acondas NEXT®


acondas NEXT® is a comprehensive approach to make companies fit for the future. This can be used for programs of measures in four fields of action:

  • Structures and processes: reorganization of units, management structures, focus on efficiency and effectiveness
  • Market and customer: realignment of the portfolio with business areas, customers, markets, pricing
  • Assets: investment programs, supply chain optimization, liquidity programs, liquidity
  • Employees: personnel structure, recruiting, performance management, further training

In terms of methods, we use a classic top-down approach, an agile, iterative bottom-up approach or a hybrid combination – depending on the objectives and needs of our customers.

Projekt and Change Management

“Even the most intelligent value enhancement strategy does not implement itself. Since people’s attitudes and behaviors do not change automatically, implementation projects require active project management and extensive change management.
Our integrated project and change management approach (acondas PCM®) combines the “”hard”” factors of project management with the “”soft”” factors of change management. Our approach is to address all aspects of value enhancement programs that are critical to success and support their implementation in a targeted, active and effective manner. In this way, we ensure effective and sustainable value enhancement.”

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Better project results through a holistic view

  • Faster implementation thanks to more motivated employees
  • Higher commitment to project results thanks to visible sponsors and opportunities for participation

  • More efficient and effective control by identifying dependencies and synergies
  • Risk minimization by involving all important Stakeholders
  • Measurable results through integrated progress and success tracking
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