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For over 10 years the leading strategy implementation consultancy in Germany.

As a leading strategy implementation consultancy, acondas closes the implementation gap. In strategy implementation, we focus on the three thematic areas of transactions, value enhancement, and transformations, with an emphasis on the topics of organization, digitalization and sustainability. With experience from over 300 projects, we have developed holistic and field-tested approaches to help our clients position themselves successfully for future success.

Our History

Structuring ability, good project management and change management, these are the three reasons why customers hire acondas.

That’s what we get up for in the morning!
We are proud of our history!

10 years of strategy implementation experts

acondas turned 10 years old on July 1. With over 300 successful implementation projects, we have established ourselves as a leading consultancy for strategy implementation. On November 11, we celebrated our anniversary with our employees as well as many customers, companions and alumni in Düsseldorf.


Best Consultants Award

acondas was also named one of the best management consultancies in 2021 for the third time in a row by brand eins and Statista - this time in five categories: Organization, Change Management, Digitalization, Energy and Environment, and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.


acondas in remote mode

The COVID 19 pandemic forced us to switch our consulting work to "remote mode". We continued to support all client projects without interruption during the pandemic period, but in virtual mode from our home offices. In the process, we tested many new virtual collaboration formats and introduced them to our customers.


UN Global Compact & Top-Consultation

Climate change, environmental protection, fair working conditions: Topics that have become mainstays in the media in recent years. Sustainability is also a high priority for us. acondas joined the UN Global Compact in 2019 and has since committed to complying with minimum social and ecological standards. In 2019, our extraordinary quality standards were also recognized by brand eins magazine with a nomination as a top consultancy for organizational development.


agile acondas

The "acondas" adventure began in 2011 for the founders Dr. Andreas Florissen and Dr. Jörg Fengler. Both had previously worked for many years in strategy and in-house consulting as well as in the management of an energy company. They identified a gap in the consulting market – supporting the implementation of strategy projects. The customer demand was very high. So acondas, with its headquarters in Düsseldorf and another office in Hamburg, started business in mid-2011 with its first customer projects.


Professional Principles

Since 2018, our work has been guided by seven professional principles. These serve not only as shared guidelines for our employees, but also guarantee consistently high standards of project work for our customers.


Opening of the acondas_learning lab_berlin

At our Learning Lab, we have been offering a great location for our training courses since 2017. Open spaces with innovative equipment are the ideal environment for our customers and employees to apply innovative training methods to project management (classic and agile), change management and soft skills. Since introducing our customer training courses in 2013, demand has grown steadily. We held our 50th customer training session in 2017.


acondas values

In 2016, our employees defined our internal values “cohesion, further development, openness and freedom” as part of a bottom-up initiative. To this day, these four values form the basis for the mutual interaction and cooperation among all employees at acondas.


Quality seal & awards

2016 was marked by awards and quality seals. Due in part to the introduction of the acondas values, kununu awarded us the "open company" award. In addition, acondas received the "cardea audited performance” (cap) and "cs accredited" quality seals for outstanding consultancy services.


The 100th customer project

In 2014, acondas supported the 100th customer project and had, among other things, its first non-European project assignment in Singapore. At that time, the acondas team comprised around 30 consultants.


Opening of offices in Berlin & Munich

Thanks to increasing customer demand, the acondas team grew to 15 employees in its second year. To meet this need, we opened a second office in Berlin. Shortly after the successful completion of our 50th customer project, we opened our fourth office in Munich.


acondas founded

The "acondas" adventure began in 2011 for the founders Dr. Andreas Florissen and Dr. Jörg Fengler. Building on many years in management consulting and subsequent work in energy companies in Germany, they identified a niche in the consulting industry market for customer support during the project implementation phase. And there is great demand from customers. In 2011, acondas started its first customer project with its headquarters in Düsseldorf and a second office in Hamburg.


“acondas means bringing strategies to life. And our focus is on people. Together with our clients, we ensure that the change reaches every individual in the organization and that everyone is involved. Our strength is our team, where every individual counts.

acondas also means taking responsibility for the environment, society and future generations. We stand for sustainable consulting. Since 2019, acondas has been committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. We enable our clients to implement their own sustainability strategies.”

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