The acondas Sustainability Report 2022 is published!

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At acondas, we are actively committed to the environment, society and future generations. Our Sustainability Report 2022 provides a comprehensive overview of the specific metrics we have set to achieve our sustainability goals in four key areas – 1. employee wellbeing, 2. environmental footprint, 3. sustainability in customer projects, 4. compliance and data protection. In addition, we report in detail on the progress and development of our sustainability initiatives and measures over the past year. The report thus provides a transparent account of our sustainability efforts and results.

Interviewer: Hello Andreas, could you start by explaining how the acondas Sustainability Report 2022 came about?

Andreas: Our Sustainability Report 2022 was prepared by a dedicated and voluntary team of acondas consultants with great enthusiasm and expertise. The team worked intensively together to collect, analyse and document all relevant information. They prepared the data and assessed the company’s sustainability initiatives and measures. They have brought their expertise and passion for sustainability to ensure that the report provides a comprehensive overview of our progress and efforts. The team is proud to present this report and hopes that it will inspire readers and encourage further discussion and action on sustainability.

Interviewer: And how does acondas integrate sustainability into its business processes and projects?

Andreas: Sustainability is a central part of our business philosophy. At acondas, we focus on creating long-term value for our customers while having a positive impact on society and the environment.

Interviewer: What role do the UN Sustainable Development Goals play in acondas’ strategy?

Andreas: acondas strives to be a pioneer for sustainable consulting in Germany. Our priorities and actions are guided by the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and we continuously support the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals with specific improvement measures and enhanced reporting methods.

Interviewer: Which sustainability goals do you focus on?

Andreas: We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals both directly and indirectly. As a company, we shape our daily work in a sustainable way, directly supporting the following six goals: Health and Wellbeing, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Climate Action and Partnerships to Achieve the Goals. Indirectly, we also support these goals by advising our clients on the implementation of sustainability strategies.

Interviewer: That sounds impressive. How does this orientation affect aconda’s partnerships, for example with Mathias Leistenschneider CEO and Managing Director of RWE (Renewables Deutschland GmbH) and his work in the field of renewable energies?

Andreas: Our commitment to sustainability plays a crucial role in all our partnerships. Through our methodical approach and industry knowledge, we can help our partners work efficiently and effectively on their projects. In the case of Mathias and his work in renewable energy, this means that we help him accelerate the introduction of renewable energy in Germany.

Interviewer: Can you explain how acondas supports its partners to implement and integrate sustainability goals into the company?

Andreas: We have developed our own integrated approach to strategy implementation, the acondas IMPACT. This involves developing a sustainability strategy, defining targets and KPIs, deriving actions, monitoring the implementation status and impact of these actions, and finally communicating the results and embedding new sustainable priorities, principles and behaviours throughout the company.

Interviewer: What are acondas’ goals for the future in terms of sustainability?

Andreas: At acondas, we see sustainability not only as an obligation, but as an opportunity for innovation and improvement. Therefore, we strive to continuously expand and improve our sustainability measures. Our goal is not only to meet the needs of our stakeholders, but also to have a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate.

Interviewer: What are the next steps for acondas, Andreas?

Andreas: Our journey is not over yet. In 2023, we will implement more measures and measure our sustainability goals even more finely. We are also improving communication with our internal and external stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers, to achieve our ambitious goals.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for the extensive insights, Andreas. One last question: How can interested parties find out more about the acondas Sustainability Report 2022?

Andreas: We invite everyone to read the full report. Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions about our acondas Sustainability Report 2022 to

Click here for the Sustainability Report 2022.

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