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The acondas_learning lab offers our customers a place for trainings, experience exchange, creative exercises and networking. Our training catalog includes offers related to traditional and agile project management. These trainings are held "by practitioners for practitioners," with a strong relevance to concrete project work. What makes our trainings special?

  • Our trainers are practitioners with extensive project experience
  • Our trainings include many practical exercises
  • The exercises draw on real project situations
  • We enable extensive experience exchange within the group

If you have any questions about individual training offers, please contact us using the contact options below. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our next trainings in our acondas_learning lab.

Project Management
Training of project management methods and competencies throughout the entire project lifecycle
Target group: (Sub-)project managers
Duration: 2 days
Agile Project Management
Communication of the necessary know-how to implement projects using agile methods
Target group: Non-IT project members
Duration: 1 day
Agile Project Management (advanced)
In-depth knowledge to carry out projects with agile project management methods (esp. peculiarities of planning, steering and controlling)
Target group: Non-IT project members
Duration: 1,5 days
Communication and Chart Design
Training of capabilities, methods and techniques for verbal and written communication
Target group: All employees
Duration: 1 days
Leadership in projects
Leadership competencies, basic principles of motivating employees, and project leadership styles
Target group: (Sub-)project managers
Duration: 1 days
Trainings offer acondas_learning lab
Training ID Training Duration (days) Date Training language Price EUR plus VAT
PMT_2/2021 Projektmanagement Training 2.0 24.11.2021 - 25.11.2021 German € 2.100,00
Please send your filled registration form to learning@acondas.com.
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