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Our implementation areas
When implementing strategies, we focus on the three areas transactions, value enhancement, and transformations with an emphasis on the topics of organization, digitalization and sustainability.

With experience from over 300 projects in the areas of transactions, value enhancement, and transformations, we have developed holistic and field-tested approaches to help our clients positioning themselves successfully for the future.
Our approach for your value enhancement
Our integrated
Project and Change Management
for successful project implementation
Project and Change Management
Even the smartest corporate strategy will not implement itself. Since people's attitudes and behaviors do not change automatically, implementation projects require active project management and extensive change management.

Our integrated project and change management approach (acondas PCM®) combines the "hard" factors of project management with the "soft" factors of change management. Our approach addresses all success-critical aspects of change projects and intervenes in a targeted, active and effective way in change projects. This is how we ensure the sustainable implementation success of the projects.

Our employees are trained project and change managers with high methodological expertise in traditional and agile project management as well as the fields of action of change management.
The combined PCM approach ensures that project tasks and the change processes are planned, monitored and tracked from a single source.
Because: Nothing is good unless you do it.

Our many years of experience supporting hundreds of successful implementation projects have enabled us to gain comprehensive, high-level, practice-relevant methodological knowledge in project management, both in classic and agile methods.

At the start of an implementation project, we provide our customers with competent advice on selecting the project management method that best suits the situation. In our experience, this is already a key success factor for the subsequent implementation phase.
Here’s how you benefit:

  • Better project results through a holistic view

  • Faster implementation thanks to more motivated employees

  • Higher commitment to project results thanks to visible sponsors and opportunities for participation

  • More efficient and effective control by identifying dependencies and synergies

  • Risk minimization by involving all important Stakeholders

  • Measurable results through integrated progress and success tracking