Successfully anchoring sustainability strategies in the company: Project and change management as key factors – Part 2

Categories: sustainabilityPublished On: 2.08.2021

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility – from executives to trainees. Only if everyone in the company supports the measures and changes supporting sustainability will strategies be successfully established in companies sustainably. In our previous article, we outline the process steps for implementing sustainability projects as part of our acondas IMPACT approach. But besides a structured process, comprehensive change management is needed to ensure that the employees involved in the implementation are regularly informed, motivated and empowered – which often takes a long time. We combine our change management with holistic project management to ensure that the sustainability project measures are well planned and monitored during implementation, and that their progress is documented. Finally, we support stakeholder communication to always guarantee transparent information on the project status, tailored to the target group.

Anchoring sustainability strategies often requires a fundamental change in company culture. With acondas IMPACT, we support our clients in realigning their corporate culture by actively involving all employees in the strategy implementation process, creating awareness and understanding of the individual measures, and installing pioneers and advocates as reinforcers at various corporate levels.

Stakeholder communication plays an essential role in anchoring sustainability in the company. Our understanding of communication goes far beyond just the annual corporate responsibility report. Due to the long horizon and the complex impact of sustainability measures, ongoing exchange of information among key stakeholder groups must be ensured. In addition to corporate responsibility reports, our sustainability communication therefore provides permanent and cross-phase reporting on project progress throughout the entire implementation phase. Together with the company’s internal pioneers and advocates, we establish regular channels of exchange and information, using communication formats tailored to the target groups. From townhall meetings for the entire workforce to interactive networks for professional exchange to high-profile campaigns – since information needs vary by stakeholder, we work with our clients to develop individual and perfectly tailored communication plans.

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