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Categories: sustainabilityPublished On: 30.06.2021

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword that companies throw around for marketing or communication purposes: Customers are increasingly demanding sustainably produced products, investors are investing in sustainable business models, and legislators at the EU and the national level are ceaselessly passing new laws and regulations to achieve a more sustainable economy. In response, many companies have defined a sustainability strategy and set ambitious sustainability goals, but often fail to implement and track them.Obstacles in implementation arise particularly in the transition from vision to goals, the definition of performance indicators, and the derivation of traceable measures. In addition, companies face the challenges of anchoring a sustainability-oriented corporate culture and ensuring that all internal and external stakeholders are adequately involved in the sustainable transformation.

As experts in strategy implementation, we enable our clients to successfully bring their sustainability strategies to life: acondas IMPACT is our approach to supporting our clients in mastering the complexity of sustainability projects holistically. It combines both the challenges in the implementation process as well as the overarching change measures in the company that are required for sustainable implementation.

What steps are followed in implementing sustainability projects? After defining a sustainability vision and strategy, the first step involves translating them into controllable targets and measurable indicators. This is followed by analysis and planning of detailed implementation measures. With acondas IMPACT, we collaborate with our customers to develop individual solutions in an agile measure implementation process. In order to determine the progress of sustainability projects and the success of implemented measures, we establish an effective controlling system that ensures sound results tracking. In this context, we build a bridge back to the derived performance targets to enable an ongoing comparison between strategy and implementation status and, if necessary, derive further measures. Finally, this implementation progress is incorporated into the already established sustainability reporting structures.

We achieve a sustainably anchored transformation in the company by driving the necessary change processes: We get employees on board and establish a sustainability-oriented corporate culture. Last but not least, we support continuous addressee-oriented communication over and above annual sustainability reporting.

With acondas IMPACT, we enable our customers to further implement and refine their sustainability strategy. Thanks to our diverse toolbox of methods in project and change management, we provide them with the necessary tools to implement their sustainability vision in the long run – including a wide pallet of individual measures and the flexibility to react to new requirements and changes in the corporate environment.

In the following series of articles, we present our acondas IMPACT approach in more detail:

  • Sustainability strategy – next steps? Choose the best measures to achieve sustainability goals.
  • Successfully anchoring sustainability strategies in the company: Project and change management as key factors.

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