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Discounts for gyms or organized office events – employer benefits have long been established as extra services offered by companies to their employees.

At acondas, the employees are the heart of the company and have top priority. Team spirit and continuous development, both within the team and personally, are values that are lived and form the basis of acondas’ success.

In order to be best prepared for everyday project work, acondas consultants have the opportunity to take part in a comprehensive training program.  This includes various training courses, especially in methodological knowledge and personality development. From basic training in project work (problem solving, communication, project management), which is primarily aimed at junior consultants, to Design Thinking and Trust Based Selling for more experienced colleagues. The trainings take place in our own acondas_learning lab in Berlin. Often customers also take part in these trainings. This gives us the opportunity to learn together with colleagues from other locations as well as customers and to maintain a close exchange. The training courses themselves are a good mixture of basic knowledge and practical use cases, where the consultants are optimally prepared for different project situations in group exercises and role plays.  Anyone who would like to receive additional training to the mandatory training courses has the opportunity to do so. In order to meet the personal interests of each individual consultant, an annual personal training budget is available to each consultant. Every consultant has the opportunity to develop further in areas that are important to him or her, to refresh Excel skills, to gain insight into software programming or to deepen their knowledge of agile working methods.

If you would like to start working for acondas after your Bachelor’s degree, we offer you the opportunity to complete your Master’s degree while working at one of our partner universities, without having to forego practical project experience.

The acondas team demonstrates teamwork and team spirit not only during the strategy meetings that take place three times a year, one being held in in a European metropolis, but also in the individual office events at the respective office locations.

Team Hamburg enjoying beach volleyball

In the Hamburg office we decided to play beach volleyball last summer. In winter, on the team focused on the brain instead of muscles. In the Escape Room, the motto was to save the world within 60 minutes.

In addition, there are many other benefits such as company pension schemes, health care, sabbaticals etc.

Team Hamburg mastering the escape room

Interested? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you at: or If you want to meet the teams personally, then come to a “Cake Friday” at a location of your choice.

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