Personal insights – Looking back on 10 years of acondas – Interview with Sebastián

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 7.09.2021

10 years of acondas – 10 years of team spirit, development, freedom and openness. We asked our employees how they perceive acondas. Let’s start with the interview with Sebastián. He has been with acondas for about a year.

Sebastián, tell us something about yourself.

I was born and raised in Colombia. During my school years, I participated in a student exchange program in Germany. I liked it so much that I decided to study here. I studied economics and business administration in Bonn and Munich and joined acondas straight after graduating.

Sounds exciting! How did you come across acondas and why did you choose us?

I wanted to enter the world of consulting and was looking for a company that focused on strategy implementation. That’s when I came across acondas and applied straight away!

I was particularly excited by the interesting projects and the many opportunities for personal and professional development.

You’ve now completed your first year and are in the middle of a major project. At the same time, you are actively shaping the further development of acondas in internal teams. How does that help you?

I have already been able to acquire a lot of new knowledge in this first year. Through the various tasks in my current project, I’m learning new technical topics such as business planning, price management, and evaluating price and advertising campaigns in an industry and corporate culture that is new to me.

The internal topics for the further development of acondas are just as diverse. Here, too, I can learn about exciting new topics from process excellence to culture development and deepen my expertise. Working together in the internal acondas teams also helps me to get to know colleagues from other locations better.

Speaking of teams: mastering difficult project phases is usually only possible as part of a team. How do you experience the cohesion of your colleagues at acondas?

The cohesion between colleagues at acondas is wonderful. All of my colleagues are very helpful, for example when someone is in a difficult project phase or needs tips or in-depth knowledge on a particular topic or instrument.

What do you particularly like about acondas?

The team! We have a group of very nice and competent colleagues where everyone’s opinion counts equally, regardless of their role within the company. Colleagues from all locations come together at the various training courses and employee events in Germany and abroad. There we can regularly exchange ideas with each other.

I also find the development opportunities at acondas, which everyone can shape according to their personal interests, and the different project assignments very exciting.

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