acondas Christmas donation to SOS Children’s Villages

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 18.01.2017

Inspired by Christmas as a season of giving, we decided to support children in need of help by donating EUR 3,000 to SOS Children’s Villages International.

Petra Horn, Executive Board Member of SOS Children’s Villages International, gratefully received the gift from acondas founders Joerg Fengler and Andreas Florissen.

What makes this extra special: 50 of acondas’ clients helped decide what projects the donation should support. Four projects of SOS Children’s Villages International were for choice:


The family support program FamilyCare strengthens families in need so that parents can raise their children on their own.


Every child has the right to be educated and SOS Children’s Villages actively support children’s education. Through EduCare, SOS supports education initiatives and gives children a new perspective.


Millions of children worldwide lack the protection and care a family can provide. SOS Children’s Villages provides a loving home to stranded children and helps them to shape their own future. The ChildCare program supports stranded children around the world by giving them a loving home in SOS Children’s Villages.


In many poor regions worldwide, people suffer from diseases such as malaria and AIDS. Often, there is no doctor around who can help. MediCare provides medical support in those regions and helps to heal old wounds, as the proverb goes.

In total, we donated EUR 1,110 to ChildCare, EUR 870 to EduCare, EUR 630 to MediCare and EUR 390 to FamilyCare. Additional information about the SOS projects can be found here:

We hope that the donation will enable at least some children worldwide to grow up under humane and caring conditions. We thank all our clients who supported our initiative by participating in the distribution of our donation to the SOS projects!

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