Digitalization – Project examples from acondas’ daily practice

Categories: digitalizationPublished On: 25.08.2017

Digitalization has many faces and companies vary greatly in terms of how they understand and leverage digitalization to achieve their goals. Consequently, what is required to implement and manage digitalization projects varies as well. Two projects supported by acondas illustrate this point.

A leading energy service provider with its own digitalization department had laid the groundwork for implementing digital projects early on. acondas supported a project within this department aimed at opening up a new market segment using a unique online solution. Agile project management methods were chosen to meet the challenges of a dynamic, novel and complex environment. The conditions were ideal: flexible time and targets as well as sufficient funding facilitated agile processes. More importantly, however, the entire management team understood and appreciated the agile approach and its implications for project management. This enabled the project team to create the envisioned online solution and achieve the goal of digital customer access in several sprints.

A fundamentally different approach was required in several acondas-supported projects in the digitalization area of ​​a global pharmaceutical group. In order to further strengthen long-term relationships with loyal customers, new applications with cloud-based data processing were desired. Since some of the data was sensitive and personal, end-to-end data protection was a top priority. This was relevant during the gathering and analysis of application requirements as well as in the goal-oriented selection of a powerful IT provider. Together, the comprehensively documented aspects of functionality, usability and data protection were successfully implemented in a strictly managed project approach.

These examples show how digitalization projects can vary significantly in practice. However, like all other projects of this kind, they are only able to succeed if the project management is tailored to meet their specific and individual needs.

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