Bringing Sustainable
Strategies to Life

“Sustainability is now an integral part of most corporate strategies. Many companies have also set ambitious sustainability targets. However, they often find it difficult to implement and track them. What steps are important to turn sustainability strategies and goals into measurable and effective long-term results in the foreseeable future?
We support you in transforming your company towards sustainable business models. With acondas IMPACT® we have the right approach to bring your sustainability strategies to life.”

acondas IMPACT

With acondas IMPACT, we enable our clients to master the high complexity of sustainability projects holistically. With our approach we accompany our clients in

  • derivating and quantifying sustainability goals in KPIs,
  • analysing, planning and implementing measures,
  • establishing an effective controlling and tracking system as well as
  • anchoring the sustainability transformation in the company.

Thanks to our wide range of methods in project and change management, we provide our clients with the necessary tools to implement their sustainability vision in the long term and to react flexibly to new requirements and changes in the corporate environment.

Projekt and Change Management

“Even the most exemplary sustainability strategy does not implement itself. Since people’s attitudes and behaviors do not change automatically, implementation projects require active project management and extensive change management.
Our integrated project and change management approach (acondas PCM®) combines the “”hard”” factors of project management with the “”soft”” factors of change management. Our approach is to address all aspects of sustainability projects that are critical to success and support their implementation in a targeted, active and effective manner. In this way, we ensure the implementation success of sustainable transformation.”

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Better project results through a holistic view

  • Faster implementation thanks to more motivated employees
  • Higher commitment to project results thanks to visible sponsors and opportunities for participation

  • More efficient and effective control by identifying dependencies and synergies
  • Risk minimization by involving all important Stakeholders
  • Measurable results through integrated progress and success tracking
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