Special project requirements demand creative solutions

Categories: All articles, here at acondasPublished On: 22.09.2022

What can do you do as a consultant when a comprehensive package of tasks exceeds your available capacity?

We recently faced this challenge with one of our customers, an internationally active renewable energy company. As part of a claims management project, we needed to carry out comprehensive analysis activities on a very tight time schedule. Neither our client nor acondas was able to accomplish the task on time. Our proposed solution was to draw on our partnership with student consultancies in Germany and distribute the analysis tasks across many shoulders: Together with a total of twelve consultants from four student consultancies: move (Münster), STUNT (Bielefeld), Study & Consult (Siegen) and Bodensee Consulting (Constance), we rose to the project challenge and met the deadline.

Under the guidance of our experienced senior consultant, Hendrik, the student consultants very independently sifted through many thousands of electronic documents, transferring, confirming the quality of and evaluating data. The work was done completely remotely using a secure virtual work environment.

Moreover, Andreas Florissen, Managing Director of acondas, was also convinced: “Never before have we worked with several student consultancies in a joint project. The project was a complete success and will serve as a model for future joint projects between acondas and student consultancies. My sincere thanks to all involved who made this outreach possible.”

We are looking forward to the next joint project assignment and to new challenges that we will tackle together!

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