acondas customer trainings can be implemented in open or exclusive format (mixed groups of participants from different companies or closed training sessions).
Specialist lectures to a selected clientele on project-specific, methodological or currently relevant topics.
Creative working
Workshops implemented in an inspiring environment that fosters creativity and interaction.
Rental space for client events that promote experience sharing and team building (e.g. off-site events).
All acondas trainings at a glance
The training portfolio provide training in project methods, tasks and competencies. They were designed “by practitioners for practitioners”, and their content has high practical relevance in an everyday project framework. The special aspects of all our trainings:

  • · Trainers are practitioners with many years of project experience
  • · High proportion of practical exercises
  • · Incorporation of real-life project scenarios
  • · Intensive experience-sharing in the group
Project Management

Training of project management methods and competencies throughout the entire project lifecycle

  • Target group: (Sub-)project managers

  • Duration: 2 days
Agile Project Management

Communication of the necessary know-how to implement projects using agile m-methods

  • Target group: Management and organisational project staff

  • Duration: 1 day
Communication and Chart Design

Training of structured communication and presentation skills, methods and techniques

  • Target group: All staff

  • Duration: 1,5 days