Get out of the corona crisis and into the future with acondas NEXT

Categories: value enhancementPublished On: 24.07.2020

In the past few months, many companies have been severely affected by Corona and faced immense challenges: The supply chains collapsed, product sales went down, employees were sent to their home office and the IT infrastructure had to be expanded within days, if necessary. Despite these challenges, most companies managed to adapt to the situation at short notice and to make the best of it. But what comes next?

In the long run, companies need to change, both operationally and strategically. However, before the strategy can be realigned, companies have to prepare for the change of course. After ensuring regular operations, the company’s performance needs to be improved in the following months.

With acondas NEXT we offer a suitable integrated approach to master the upcoming challenges. The approach was developed by our implementation experts based on extensive project experience. It comprises a program logic for improving performance based on measures, identifying effective improvement levers for optimizing competitiveness, and systematically steering the conception and implementation all the way to effective target achievement. The characteristics of acondas NEXT are the structured development of measures “bottom-up” in expert teams, an objective evaluation of measures using a business case based on a robust baseline, as well as consistent measures and effect controlling based on the degree of severity.

acondas NEXT can be used flexibly for various programs, whether for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, optimizing performance or streamlining portfolios. The optimization topics include portfolio alignment, process optimization and automation, purchasing optimization, make or buy decisions and the optimization of the IT landscape. The acondas NEXT approach can also be used flexibly with regard to the specific company and project situation. We support entire performance programs or provide targeted support in important program areas. In addition, we advise the program teams or the in-house consulting of our customers. We also replace strategy consultancy after a successful project start in the implementation phase. Here, we offer at least the same quality of service at a cost advantage of >50%.

With acondas NEXT, our customers achieve the successful implementation of their performance programs. As we ensure bottom-up generation of ideas, support in fact-based decision-making, promote personal responsibility for implementation and ensure close integration with controlling. By using an integrated project and change management, we ensure the sustainable implementation of our clients’ performance measures.

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