Viktoria Schmeding

acondas impressed me with its exciting mix of project and change management in different industries and on a wide variety of topics. The diverse project assignments offer a dynamic, varied environment and require taking on responsibility, which is something I wanted after my studies. The close cooperation with customers associated with the focus on implementation projects, provides deep insights into the respective companies, which also contributed to my decision to choose acondas.

My typical morning at acondas starts with a cup of coffee and the first look at my e-mail inbox. I get an overview of the issues at hand and create a rough structure for my day by prioritizing the various topics. Generally, hardly any day is like any other and plans can change as the day progresses – flexibility is always required.

What I value most is the close team cohesion among colleagues. Whether in a customer project, in acondas’ internal project work, in the 360° feedback culture we practice, in training sessions, or in other knowledge transfer formats, we support each other with advice and practical help. In this way, we not only promote the further development of acondas, but also our personal development.

I had contact with project management early on in my studies. I was fascinated by the holistic way of thinking, from project planning through implementation and monitoring, as well as assuming responsibility. The added focus on digital transformation and change management, as exciting and crucial topics in the current and future professional context, came later. As an implementation consultancy, acondas combines these aspects ideally. In addition, the international scope and the wide range of customer industries offer varied projects. In doing so, I support the client not as an “outsider” but as part of the team in order to implement their strategy as best and sustainably as possible.

In addition to the experience gained through the diverse project assignments, promotion is an important factor at acondas. I have the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally through by taking on responsibility early on, and by participating in the feedback culture and mentoring, agile internal work and training.

Viktoria has supported the acondas team in Düsseldorf as a consultant since March 2021.

She completed her German-French Bachelor in “International Management” at the ESB Business School in Reutlingen as well as at the NEOMA Business School in Reims (France). In her master’s degree in “Management & Business Development” at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, she focused on change management, strategy and digital platform economics.

During her studies, she gained practical experience in various global companies in different industries in the areas of project management, digital transformation and in-house consulting.

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