Senior Consultant

Sebastian Londoño

I chose acondas because it allows me to translate business strategies into concrete results. This requires close collaboration with clients and offers deep insight into the mentality and culture of some of the most important companies in Germany.

Working with colleagues at acondas is very pleasant. There is a great atmosphere where everyone is willing to support each other.

I use my free time mainly for sports activities, especially soccer and jogging. I also like to discover the city of Munich and its surroundings with friends.

During my studies, I completed several internships in management consulting. After that, I was determined to start my career in this field. The most interesting aspect for me is how diverse this profession is.

After starting at acondas as a consultant, I quickly saw that it is exactly what I had expected. The variety of projects and industries I work in at acondas gives me the opportunity to constantly develop my own skills and experiences and gain valuable insights into different areas.

Sebastian started his career at acondas in August 2020 as a consultant.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Bonn before moving to Munich to complete his master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Munich.

During his time at acondas, Sebastian gained experience in the commercial electronics and energy sector, where he, among other things, helped develop a planning and analysis tool. He also drove various project tasks in the controlling department of a DAX-listed company.

At acondas, I get to see how corporate strategies are translated into tangible results.

– Sebastian

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