Niclas Kampe

The great employee events and joint activities. Since day 1, I have felt an enormously strong sense of cohesion and team spirit. For example, even before I started at the beginning of 2017, I was invited to the Christmas party so that I could get to know the entire workforce in person. The biggest highlight for me are the annual strategy meetings that take place in nearby countries such as Austria, the Netherlands or Spain.

Before the workday can really start, I always make sure that there is enough water ready. Then I take the first look at my e-mail inbox. First, I look at my appointments and deadlines for the day and the coming days before reading and sorting e-mails. After that, I prepare my to-do list for the day and think about which activities I will tackle specifically and when.

On stressful workdays, I like to do a short relaxation exercise (3-5 minutes) in the afternoon. For this, I have a deck of cards that provides stimulation and guidance for various exercises. During the lunch break or after work, I regularly take a walk in nearby parks or along the Rhine to get some fresh air and shake off any stress.

Long before graduation, I wanted to start my career in the challenging management consultancy industry. Especially the variety and dynamics of the work were appealing to me. With acondas I have an employer by my side that fulfills my expectations on the highest level. The variety of industries and clients enables me to get to know different fields of work and companies in an international environment. This challenges me and allows me to grow both professionally and personally. Furthermore, at acondas I have the opportunity to shape our internal processes and proactively drive the company’s development.

Thanks to the very good working atmosphere and the friendly, always open and competent colleagues, I have been excellently integrated into the team since the very first day.

Niclas joined the acondas team in January 2017 and is now Project Manager.

Niclas completed his Master’s degree in Economics with a focus on International Management at the University of Bielefeld and the University of Copenhagen. During his studies, he gained extensive practical experience in various companies. Among other activities, as a member of an interdisciplinary team for the market launch of an “intelligent system” he designed an innovative business model including the underlying business case and the rollout concept for the German market. In addition, he supported the corporate controlling unit of an international service provider in the SAP environment with both the preparation of monthly financial statements and the analysis of complex data in the area of business intelligence.

Exciting projects at major international companies, a feel-good atmosphere in the team and plenty of space for personal development – that’s how acondas has convinced me since I started my career!

– Niclas

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