Office Assistance

Martina Le Brün-Wetzig

I like the varied topics and enjoy the confidence of being able to pull the strings in the background with my colleagues in the back office. I particularly like the diverse communication and personal exchange with our consultants, who bring the exciting projects, already known to us through written proposals, to life for the customer. I enjoy the initial contact with applicants in the course of recruiting, and even more so when the process leads to a new hire.

My personal highlights are undoubtedly our strategy meetings, which, in addition to the technical explanations, give time for a personal word and a feeling of togetherness in a particularly beautiful place. Be it at the summer event or the Christmas parties, where the “bosses” sometimes dress up in a “bad taste outfit” to create a fun atmosphere.

I find relaxation with 7Mind, a meditation app, by cycling and by walking. But I can especially switch off on the Way of St. James, which I continue to walk with my husband every year step by step and started years ago in Cologne. When we arrive in Santiago, sometime ;-), I will report here on the homepage, so it’s worth checking back every now and then, because there is room for personal matters as well at acondas.

The last 4 years flew by for me after I was looking for a new challenge in 2017 and found it with acondas. When I started in November, I was immediately invited to attend the strategy meeting in Munich, so I was able to get to know the team personally right at the beginning and was warmly welcomed. My colleagues in the back office, which I have been a part of ever since, made it easy for me to find my footing from the outset, and together we handle a wide variety of administrative topics that contribute to the success of the company.

An added challenge this year was the search for a new head office. We found our new location, Kennedyhaus, a sustainably designed building that suits us well and conveys a motivating working atmosphere, just in time to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Having a warm and welcoming environment is important to me because, as we all know, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The new office is perfectly designed to welcome “you”!

After initially working in education, Martina’s job at a trade fair during her maternal leave led her to a management job in a trade fair fashion center. For almost 17 years, she maintained close contact with exhibitors, received trade visitors and supported trade fairs. Ever since she volunteered as a child and youth hotline agent for the Child Protection Services Association, she has remained connected as an association member.

At acondas, I like the diverse and constructive communication that is essential to feeling good in your professional life.

– Martina

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