Senior Consultant

Marie Nadermann

At the time, acondas made it possible for me to earn a dual master’s degree and provided me with continuous support. I simply had a good feeling in the interview and this has been confirmed in recent years. The team is great, you are encouraged and challenged, and you have the opportunity to advance a wide variety of topics with exciting customers.

At the top of the list are the colleagues and the great team spirit. This also applies to our customers, because we are usually part of the team and belong to it. In addition, at acondas I see the changes that our implementation projects bring every day. It’s a great feeling to see the benefits of your own work.

In my free time I like to do yoga and hang out with friends. I like to cook and bake and love to try out new recipes. Additionally, I support the social media team of an association that supports an orphanage in Kenya.

During my dual bachelor I enjoyed the changing departments and projects, and this was something I knew I wanted to continue afterwards. With acondas offering me to gain my master’s degree simultaneously it was perfect. Already I am granted a lot of self-responsibility and I can support other companies during my project assignments.

Besides, my work at acondas enables me to gain expertise across industries and to get to know a variety of companies while working closely with the client teams.

From the start I felt like part of the team at acondas. My colleagues are always there for me if I need support. The environment is very friendly. Thanks to the internal projects I am also participating in the development of acondas and can involve myself.

Marie started her career at acondas in October 2018 as Junior Project Consultant.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management at the Cooperative State University in Baden-Wuerttemberg while gaining a second degree at the University of South Wales. Now she is studying at the Steinbeis University to gain a Master of Science in International Management.

During her dual study bachelor Marie already gained practical experience in different departments. Here she also had her first experience with project management. For instance, she supported the improvement of order management and allocation of goods within customer service and was part of a project to reduce days of sales outstanding (DSO) in accounting.

acondas does not only offer me the opportunity to develop myself professionally and personally, but they also make my master’s degree possible. The varying project assignments and the amazing team ensure that I surpass myself time and time again.

– Marie

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