General Manager

Dr Jörg Fengler

Our own previous experience in strategy consulting, corporate line organization and in-house consulting had shown us that no consulting firm on the market professionally supported strategy implementation. Existing consultancies viewed the topic as a mere sideshow, which was reflected in their unattractive offerings. With acondas, we were able to fill a gap where extremely exciting work can create considerable value for the customer.

After welcoming all my colleagues to the office, I change the day on my Borussia Dortmund football wall calendar. Then I check Outlook to see what appointments and meetings are coming up and get an overview of the e-mails I’ve received. I work through the most urgent ones immediately and start working on content. Often, however, the work starts before I arrive at the office when I call colleagues on the way to the office to discuss individual points or topics directly.

To be honest, there is no such thing as the best moment. There were and are many great experiences that are a lot of fun. It is always great when customers praise our team and our work without being asked and confirm that we have been very helpful to them in the project. Or applicants who praise our hiring process and alumni who still remember their time at acondas very fondly years later. And our strategy meetings with the entire team are always overwhelming; at these meetings you can sense an incredible team spirit and extremely strong energy.

Implementing fundamental change together, professionally and reliably – with full concentration.

– Jörg

Other Team Members
Stefan Gloggner


Martina Le Brün-Wetzig

Office Assistance

Florian Berndt


Sebastian Londoño

Senior Consultant