Florian Berndt

In my hometown of Hamburg, we supported a municipal utility in a major energy transition project. We developed, evaluated and coordinated concepts for over a year. An important point at the end of the concept phase was finding a name for the project. In a short, creative workshop, we worked with the client to come up with the name. A short time later, the project was presented to the public. With every mention of the project name, I see – and our team sees – that we have made a real contribution to achieving the climate goals in our city.

Both in our projects and in our internal work, leadership for me is the task of recognizing strengths and interests in the team and coordinating them to enable optimal results. I trust my colleagues in the team, give them freedom and support their development. To do this, it’s important to communicate a lot – that’s how we create trust, give each other feedback and get better at what we do together.

As consultants, we are often on-site at the client. Here, I enjoy getting to know new cities and winding down the day with my colleagues in the team in restaurants and bars. New forms of work mean that we are also increasingly working virtually with clients, allowing us to spend time with friends and family back home.
After working for years in strategic consulting and in industry, I joined acondas in 2018. I am thrilled by the variety of projects, getting to know new clients and working together with my great acondas colleagues. We help clients implement change and experience tangible result on every project, day by day. My projects span from large programs for corporate groups to individual initiatives for mid-sized companies and public sector institutions.

At acondas, new colleagues are quickly part of the team, both in the Hamburg office and in the entire company. Close mentoring and diverse training programs help consultants climb the steep learning curve. As we gain experience, we soon take on management responsibility. In our client projects, we are recognized for our flexibility, our agile way of thinking and working, and our cooperative approach. We are also evolving rapidly inside the company: forming agile teams to delve into the consulting topics of the future, and thus actively shaping the future of acondas.

Florian joined acondas in 2018. He is partner and part of the management team since 2022.

Florian developed a keen interest in management consulting while studying information systems in Hamburg and Paris. Since then, he has gained over 15 years of experience in strategic and management consulting as well as leadership experience in line management and projects in the industry. For example, Florian was part of the restructuring team of a large German strategic consulting company advising a worldwide leader in the logistics industry on its restructuring concept and supporting the optimization of a large German airline. Florian has been active in the energy sector and the chemical industry, working on several post-merger integration projects in Germany and other European countries. In addition to working as a consultant, Florian was also M&A manager for a real estate company, head of one of its European subsidiaries, and co-founder of an asset management company specializing in farmland investments.

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