Christoph Zeisler

I wasn’t familiar with acondas at the time. I was looking for professional development opportunities and came across the firm through the master’s program. The professional focus, the uncomplicated, efficient application process, and the team subsequently convinced me.

After a quick round through the office with a warm hello to everyone, I’m ready for the day. I stock up on fruit and nerve food and plan everything – what calls do I have today, what do I need for them, what other tasks are there? And then I get started!

The best thing about acondas is that everyone here cooperates. It doesn’t matter whether it’s with the customer or internally – you hardly ever hear a “no” and everyone tries to help. This team spirit is also reflected in the great team events.

I find it important to have a balance for the computer work. After a day in front of the PC, I try to do some sports and nothing lets you relax as beautifully as a little run along the Rhine.

Christoph started at acondas in 2017. He already had a Master’s degree in Business Chemistry from Christian Albrechts University in Kiel. Nevertheless, he wanted to forge a new path and successfully completed a part-time master’s degree program in International Management at Steinbeis University.

Today, he is a manager at acondas and prefers to work in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

I like the approach of accompanying customers even in longer projects.
This not only increases the added value for the customer –
it also allows to establish a direct connection , which makes the work more fun!

– Christoph

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