General Manager

Dr Andreas Florissen

There are many very enjoyable moments, especially whenever we come together as the entire acondas team. Examples are our strategy meetings in Germany and abroad, teambuilding activities, our joint knowledge and development work, and our trainings. Two teambuilding highlights were the e-bike tour through Barcelona and the jeep safari on Mallorca.
There are also a lot of great moments in customer work, especially in large interactions like workshops or trainings where we work together on topics and solutions. A few special moments include a steering committee in rubber boots on the agricultural test farm of an agrochemical company and a customer training in a national football league stadium.

Four aspects of leadership – and four corresponding leadership principles – are particularly important to me personally:

  1. know your own purpose and align it with acondas’s purpose (Big Five for Life / Start with Why)
  2. promote strengths (strengths-based approach)
  3. identify development areas yourself, work out development measures together (feedback and coaching)
  4. learn from employees as a manager (reverse mentoring)
When I’m in Düsseldorf, I share the morning routine with my wife: wake up the kids, get them ready, prepare breakfast, eat breakfast, take our younger daughter to daycare and our older daughter to school. The routine is precisely timed, every minute counts.
When I arrive at the office or open the laptop at home, I first take a deep breath, make myself a good cup of coffee and reflect on the day’s priorities for 15 minutes.
After that, the first virtual or physical meetings usually start. The rule is: if possible, no meetings before 9:00 a.m.

I am passioned about helping you bringing your strategies to life.

– Andreas

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