e-Company Cars – Workshop on entry thresholds

Categories: sustainabilityPublished On: 19.02.2021

As more and more companies commit themselves to tighter CO2 emission targets and sustainability strategies, most corporate fleets are still “old-fashioned”: The share of battery electric vehicles among all commercial vehicles in Germany is only 5 percent (source: statistics from the Federal Office for Motor Traffic for 2020). Why are so many companies struggling to introduce fleets of e-company cars?

In a joint “e-Company Cars” working group, we are examining “pain points” in the introduction and operation of e-company car fleets with our partner companies acterience and reeceda, as well as e-mobility experts from industry and developing a holistic approach for improvement. On January 28, we held a virtual workshop with representatives from the automotive and energy industries, as well as fleet operators, to explore barriers to entry when introducing an e-service vehicle fleet in the enterprise. And they are diverse: organization of knowledge building (technical, financial, legal) and processes in the company, unclear total cost of ownership, high initial investment for establishing the charging infrastructure at the workplace, emotional hurdles among company car users, lack of long-term planning for the e-service car fleet, organization of billing for charging power and many more.

In two more virtual workshops in the spring, we will explore additional pain points and their causes before developing proposed solutions in the summer. If you have any questions about acondas and our experience in e-mobility, feel free to contact us at: info@acondas.com

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