e-Company Cars for “Net-Zero Emissions” Companies

Categories: sustainabilityPublished On: 9.02.2021

More and more companies world-wide are committing to achieving more rigorous CO2 emission targets as part of their sustainability strategies. They are setting “science based” emission targets and thus following an initiative by some NGOs and the United Nations Global Compact that enables businesses to take swift climate action by setting ambitious emissions reduction targets. To achieve “net-zero emissions”, companies need to implement a comprehensive program of activities, which may include switching the company car fleet from gas-powered to emission-free technologies such as battery electric vehicles (BEV, we call them e-company cars).

Along the path towards switching over to an e-company car fleet, companies face various hurdles and challenges. In a survey of users of e-company cars, we identified various pain points along the customer journey. In a joint working team „e-company cars“ with our partners acterience and reeceda as well as several e-mobility industry experts, we are developing a comprehensive approach to improving the set-up and use of e-company car fleets. Our working journey through this summer included a first deep-dive workshop the end of January to discuss hurdles in introducing and rolling out e-company car fleets, from the user and company perspectives.

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