e-Company Cars – Entry and usage hurdles

Categories: sustainabilityPublished On: 30.04.2021

Electronic vehicles in car fleets are on the rise: In 2021, more than 40 new models of electronic vehicles will be launched. And more and more companies are boosting the number of electronic vehicles in their car fleets.

In a joint “e-Company Cars” working group, we are cooperating with our partner companies acterience and reeceda as well as industry e-mobility experts to examine the hurdles to and develop a holistic approach to introducing and operating e-company car fleets.

In two virtual workshops in January and March, our working group analysed various entry and usage hurdles, including

  • the lack of holistic consulting services to answer questions about e-company cars,
  • high complexity of electricity cost billing,
  • broad spectrum of e-company car users with heterogenous battery charging profiles,
  • opaque public battery charging costs and significant market price variations, and
  • opaque firm-internal electricity cost reimbursement policies.

Our analysis of the most significant hurdles reveals five primary root causes of the high complexity of electricity costs and billing (see info graphics):

  1. More complex billing for e-company cars vs. internal combustion cars demanding more time from users and companies
  2. Inconsistent technical solutions (wall box, charging station, charging card, etc.)
  3. Complex tax regulations for charging electricity cost
  4. Lack of experience of companies and users in technical, tax and financial accounting topics
  5. Lack of integrated billing solution/integration into company’s billing systems

In May, we will start developing an integrated solution for firm car fleets. If you have any questions about acondas and our experience in e-mobility, feel free to contact us at: info@acondas.com

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