Office space optimization with acondas MOVE

Categories: organizationPublished On: 18.05.2021

Long after the COVID-19 pandemic is gone, one topic will remain: Remote working as an integral part of a new way of working. 

After months of lockdowns and closed premises, many employees and managers are looking forward to leaving their desk at home and returning to their “real” offices. However in the long run, working remotely 1-3 days per week might become the new normal in most admininstratve jobs – among others.

These new working models will not only improve work-life-balance for many employees, but also improve the firm’s cost positions due to reduced office space.

Sounds tempting?

Remote working can be a win-win situation for everyone – if implemented effectively. But as Sophocles once said, success is dependent on effort. Effective implementation requires involving a great number of stakeholders and considering a multitude of technical, organisational, and legal requirements for remote working. And experience shows that the savings resulting from office space reductions are hard to capture. Critical success factors to achieve them include the early involvement of all relevant stakeholders, a comprehensive identification and prioritization of existing requirements and a systematic management of the overall optimization process.

acondas MOVE is our proven approach for office space optimization with P&L effects. It helps to structure and drive the overall process so that remote working is a success story for everyone in the organisation.

Interested? – We’d be happy to share more information about acondas MOVE and discuss with you how it might help your organisation. Feel free to contact us at:, keyword „MOVE“.

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