The acondas training program – a key element of implementation consulting

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 22.01.2016

As implementation experts, we support our clients in the successful implementation of – typically complex – change initiatives. We only consider our mission successful and complete when the new structures are lived, the new processes are followed and the new systems are used by our clients’ employees. Therefore, implementation entails a great deal of change management. Mindset change and capability building by training and coaching of client employees from both project and line organizations is one important building block in change management.

At acondas, we developed a comprehensive training program from the beginning with the purpose to train our employees in the tasks, methods and instruments but also the roles and skills of project work and project management in a hands-on setting. We provide those trainings not only to our consultants but to our clients, too.

The core of our training program are project management trainings, which address the methods and instruments of project management as well as the hard and soft skills of a project or work stream leader – from project structuring and analysis to the people leadership and development skills required to lead a project successfully. In our project management training acondas PMT® we have trained more than 300 project leaders from diverse companies and industries.

For project team members not (yet) in a leadership role, we also provide a project basics training (acondas PBT®), focusing on the basics of project problem solving and communication. We offer a variety of other trainings on specific project-related know-how and skills, such as corporate organization, written communication, negotiation skills, process management, etc.

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