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Effectively supporting implementation projects requires a wide range of skills and experiences. To ensure top quality support, acondas places very high value on selecting and training its consultants. One of our flagship offerings qualifies bachelor students as part of a professionally integrated master’s program.

One of our partners is the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) at Steinbeis University. In a tailor-made study program for working students, new acondas consultants with a bachelor’s degree can earn their master’s degree in international management.

Such master students start their careers at acondas as junior consultants (business analysts) and work part-time (80-90 percent) in implementation projects. Every 4-5 weeks, our students travel to attend a block seminar at one of the university’s locations in Stuttgart, Berlin or abroad, e.g. in Brazil. During this time, acondas relieves students of their consulting responsibilities to ensure that they can concentrate on their studies and that their private lives are not excessively restricted by the double burden.

In order to be able to put freshly acquired theoretical knowledge to practical use, each student pursues their own internal acondas project with a highly practical focus. The purpose of the project is to examine a research question empirically in practice, e.g. by interviewing experts such as customer managers, as a step toward writing course papers and the final master thesis. The project is accompanied by an acondas business mentor partner and by an experienced university lecturer.

“The work-study program allows me to pursue an advanced degree while gaining practical experience. As an added perk, acondas covers all costs, including tuition, fees, travel expenses and books. It is the perfect solution for people who want to continue their studies and gain experience in an environment fostering the close relationship between scholarship and practical skills,” says Christoph Zeisler, an acondas SIBE student. Managing Director Dr. Andreas Florissen adds that “being fully responsible for developing and driving a project from initiation to completion is key to developing the competencies students in a predominantly theoretical full-time programs often lack. We hope to attract many more master students to our dual program at acondas.”

Picture source cover photo: School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE)

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