Start of series „e-company car”

Categories: here at acondas, sustainabilityPublished On: 9.12.2020

At the end of October, we held our first client event in our new series “e-company car” in cooperation with our partner firms acterience and reeceda. In this series, we are inviting e-mobility experts from various companies and industries to analyse the customer journey of users of e-company cars, to understand their pain points and to develop an integrated solution to improve their customer experience.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held our opening session as a virtual meeting. We welcomed participants from companies in the automotive, energy, infrastructure, and e-service sectors and discussed with them the results of our initial user interviews, including pain points along the entire customer journey. We also agreed on a roadmap for the next virtual meeting and interaction formats in preparation to a face-to-face workshop at the EUREF campus in Berlin in June 2021. Further details will follow in the next articles…

If you have any questions about acondas and our experience in e-mobility, feel free to contact us at:

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