Setting sail: acondas strategy meeting in Berlin

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 18.04.2019

Last autumn, we began a journey of strategic development. On March 29, the entire acondas team came together in our acondas_learning lab_berlin to discuss knowledge topics and to reflect on the last 6 months.

One central aspect was agile acondas, the new agile set-up of our firm in the field of knowledge development.

Five agile teams worked in the knowledge topics “post-merger integration”, “carve-out”, “agile transformation”, “IT PMO” and “management of digitalization projects”. In addition, functional teams worked on topics in “project & change management”, “marketing & sales” and “training & learning.

The results were presented and discussed in a relaxed atmosphere in a “world café” format. The outcome of our knowledge work is remarkable. The teams have developed, among others:

  • – acondas ONE® – a holistic approach for post-merger-integration projects
  • – acondas TWO® – a holistic approach for carve-out projects
  • – A framework and approach for agile transformation projects
  • – Methods and tools for IT PMOs
  • – A management approach for digitalization programs
  • – acondas PCM® – an integrated project and change management approach
  • – New marketing formats
  • – New social media sites
  • – Extended training program (Agile Project Management APM+, Soft Skills

In the afternoon, the acondas team set sail for the next wave of knowledge topics in our two knowledge areas organizational development and digital transformation.

After a busy strategy meeting with intense knowledge exchange and development, the acondas team winded down the day in the Berlin night life.

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