New “Agile Project Management” (acondas APM) training expands program scope

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 3.07.2017

Digitalization is far more than a passing fancy. It has been the focus of many ongoing projects across many sectors of the economy for years. However, due to their high level of innovation and their strong IT focus, digitalization projects are difficult to grasp using classical project management methods, requiring instead new agile methods and instruments.

This is where acondas’ new “Agile Project Management” (APM) training comes in. The one-day APM prepares employees and organizations to manage and implement projects in an agile environment. We focus on mediating background and special features as well as understanding the benefits of various agile project management methods and of combining classical and agile approaches in projects where success is most likely when both worlds interact pragmatically. The course also focuses heavily on teamwork, which is particularly important in the agile environment because of its strong emphasis on self-responsibility.

Interdisciplinary case studies and practice-oriented group exercises bring the theory to life and give participants hands-on experience, solidly anchoring new content in a highly open and engaging training atmosphere. Group discussion of the results and the exchange of experiences ensure that each participant has room to address their individual needs. The consistently excellent feedback from participants in past trainings attests to the success of the approach.

Would you like to improve the agile competency of your organization? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Picture source cover photo: acondas GmbH

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