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Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 25.02.2016

We will kick off our “5 years acondas“ anniversary year with a new look. Our new complete makeover webpage makes it easy to grasp our consulting approach, pour through project examples and company news and “meet” some of our consultants

What’s new for you:

• Comprehensive introduction of the acondas consulting approach “implementation experts“
• Overview on service portfolio, illustrated by several project examples
• Detailed description of our different consultant roles from Partner to Business Analyst, illustrated by selected consultant profiles
• Regular update on company news, reaching from knowledge topics, detailed description of competencies to milestones of the acondas development

All of these new information are presented in a refreshing new layout and with multiple new functionalities you can use both on your PC and on your mobile devices.

Interested in taking a closer look? Then feel free to browse on

Picture source cover photo: acondas GmbH

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