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Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 8.07.2020

Most companies are structured in classical functional divisions. Fixed teams in clearly defined departments such as procurement, sales or research and development work on similar topics. Things are organized differently at acondas. In this article, we take a look at our internal working methods and content.

In addition to our consultancy work supporting client implementation projects, we also work internally on various topics and issues, both in order to develop as a company and also to provide our clients with a broad range of professional and methodological expertise. Our internal work is organized in so-called functional teams (FTs) and knowledge teams (KTs). Each acondas employee has joined one such team. The teams can change periodically to work on new topics and learn new things on a regular basis.

In our functional teams, we develop our methodical consulting knowhow as well as our internal and external processes.

In the FT Project Change-Management we enhance our approaches and tools for classical and agile project management and change management. These are the core methodical competences we use in our client implementation projects.

The FT Marketing and Sales is dedicated to positioning acondas in the client and recruitment market and to improve interactions with our clients. A few focal topics include company presentations, publications, social media campaigns, improving the acondas homepage and developing sales strategies and customer initiatives.

The FT Trainings und Learning is mainly concerned with helping our consultants further develop and acquire new skills through comprehensive internal training programs and through cooperation with external training providers, specialists and coaches.

The FT Initiatives Continuous Improvement (ICI) focuses on optimizing internal processes and systems, such as assessing new IT applications and their potential at acondas. Just recently, a tool for digital travel expense accounting was introduced.

In our knowledge teams, we develop professional and methodological knowledge in different topics relevant to our client work. The goal is to use this knowledge beneficially in our client projects. Our KTs work using agile SCRUM methods. In a six-month cycle, each KT deals with a technical topic in a sequence of sprints in close interaction with our clients. Currently, the KTs are focused on electromobility and on target operating models (TOMs), especially in the areas of HR and IT.

In the KT Electromobility, we are analyzing the whole customer journey for users of electric company cars. Our aim is to understand the users’ “pain points” and to develop solutions in cooperation with the different players in the market – from electric car manufacturers, fleet operators and fleet managers to providers of charging infrastructure and other service providers.

In the KT Target Operating Model/TOM, we are analyzing all phases of an organizational realignment in a target operating model. We are developing a holistic approach as well as tools and methods to support our clients successfully in such organizational projects.

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