Electrified on the road with acondas

Categories: here at acondas, sustainabilityPublished On: 12.10.2021

How can companies electrify their company car fleet? This is the question we are addressing in our ‘e-Company Car’ initiative. By examining barriers to introducing and operating e-company car fleets, we are developing holistic approaches to solutions for companies. We are investigating technical topics, such as fleet management and charging infrastructure, as well as organizational topics, such as change management and the new role of the fleet manager in the company.

Henrik: “Charging on the road worked perfectly. The superchargers I used were unbeatable in terms of user-friendliness.”
In its ‘e-Company Car’ initiative, acondas is exploring how companies can electrify their vehicle fleets and switch to e-company cars. The initiative takes place together with our partner consultancies acterience and receeda as well as e-mobility experts from the industry.

Our colleagues Henrik, Timo and Matthias are instrumental in driving this initiative. In order to learn how to inspire employees to switch to e-service cars in their company, some of our own employees tested e-vehicles over a weekend. One important finding: e-cars offer great driving pleasure and user-friendliness – an argument fleet managers should not underestimated in enticing employees in their company to switch to an e-company car!

If you have any questions about our ‘e-Company Car’ initiative, please feel free to contact us at: info@acondas.com

Timo: “This is how I imagine a trip in a spaceship.” (on the right in photo)

Matthias: “Today’s e-vehicles can easily be described as a ‘smartphone on wheels’, the simplicity of use as well as the relaxed car handling are an evolution from the combustion engine vehicle.”

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