Eight acondas consultants to become management trainers

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 4.05.2016

Management trainer and coach Dragan Milicevic and acondas’ Managing Director Andreas Florissen trained 8 experienced acondas consultants to become management trainers. The “Train the Trainer” program focused on the tasks of training preparation and execution, the basics of adult education and in particular on the different roles of a management trainer in various training situations.

Andreas Florissen and Dragan Milicevic.

Andreas Florissen: “We are facing a great demand by our clients for trainings in project management and project tasks as well as in other competence areas such as communication and process management. I am very pleased that 8 acondas consultants trained hard to successfully pass our train-the-trainer course and qualified for the role of management trainer. With our extended trainer pool we are able to fulfill the growing demand on the various training formats.”

Details on the acondas training program can be found here.

Picture source cover photo: acondas GmbH

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