acondas virtual guest lecture at HWR: COVID-19 Impact on Consulting Business

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 11.11.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is by far the largest international tragedy of today, accounting for more than 50 million infected persons and almost 1.3 million dead world-wide. Drastic restrictions in both private and public life as well as massive declines in the economies around the globe will have a long-term impact which is yet hard to forecast.

acondas Managing Director Dr. Andreas Florissen gave a virtual guest lecture at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in the MA program International Business Consulting of Prof. Dr. Barbara Beham on “COVID-19 Pandemic – Impact on Consulting Business”. He illustrated challenges and solutions by acondas in 6 topic areas:

  • New way of working in client projects
  • Client relationship building
  • New project acquisition
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Internal interaction and culture

After that he gave a personal view on the future impact of COVID-19 to the German consulting market, which from his view is following 3 steps:

  • Until summer of 2021 – Crisis continues: Consulting firms focusing on industries with strong COVID-19 impact will suffer heavily
  • Second half of 2021 – Turning point: Client companies get back to normal business and start with cleanup efforts (return to office, ramp-up of production, cost savings)
  • 2022 ff. – Sustainable change: Client companies will draw long-term conclusions from the current crisis. They will develop and implement strategies to increase the flexibility of their value chains, develop more sustainable business models, further enhance digitalization, and implement new ways of working

The students engaged very much with various questions and contributions during the online discussion. Many of them were concerned how COVID-19 might impact their own studies and career entry.

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