acondas values introduced at employee event in Hamburg

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At the employee event in Hamburg on December 2, all colleagues were actively involved in the presentation of the acondas values that will shape our awareness of good relations within acondas in the future even more than today. The four values “team spirit”, “freedom”, “development” and “open-mindedness” were described and discussed in small groups in a gallery walk setting. As has been the case in acondas’ development process to date, feedback was collected in these discussions so that it could be considered in the development of underlying operational and management principles.

We first started reflecting on acondas’ values and the process of identifying them in the spring of 2016. We subsequently invited an external facilitator to lead three workshops with all acondas employees in July and August to paint a detailed picture of the values that we already live by and additional values we think should become an important part of our corporate culture.

acondas value chart

After presenting a summary of the workshop results at a strategy meeting in September 2016, a values initiative consisting of three dedicated acondas colleagues consolidated the results and further defined and detailed our core values. In addition to operational and management principles, the members of the values initiative also outlined specific examples of behaviors in key situations and illustrated the value concept visually. The integrative development process and the tangible representation of the content have already significantly and sustainably helped create awareness for and anchor the issue of values among employees and management level.

In a next step, the values will be integrated into our corporate culture and HR processes. To this end, a detailed guideline including internal and external communications, e.g. in trainings and performance reviews, will be developed. In addition, in-depths analyses will be undertaken to identify value-related areas where action is necessary and to define specific measures. Further developments and details in this direction will be released in the next few months on

Picture source cover photo: acondas GmbH

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