acondas supports SOS Children’s Villages with Christmas donation

Categories: here at acondas, sustainabilityPublished On: 23.01.2019

On 28 September 2018, two major earthquakes triggered a tsunami wave over the west coast of Sulawesi island. 2,100 people lost their lives and around 5,000 more are still missing. Many survivors have often lost all their belongings and in some cases, entire neighborhoods have been destroyed.

As in previous years, we decided in 2018 to forgo Christmas presents to customers and business partners to help children in need instead. With a €3,000 donation to SOS Children’s Villages, acondas is helping provide emergency relief on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

A team from SOS Children’s Villages is in the disaster zone with the children and families. SOS helpers provide families with supplies, offer them psychological support and, in particular, help the children process their traumatic experiences.

Through our support, we hope to be able to help give new hope to the girls and boys who have lost everything as a result of the natural disaster.

Further information on the aid project can be found at:

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