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Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 23.10.2017

Once a year, the entire acondas team retreats from project work for a few days to develop their own expertise, discuss internal topics and promote the exchange of knowledge with colleagues. This year, our off-site event in Vienna focused on further developing skills in leadership and rhetoric.

The leadership training was designed to impart leadership roles, tasks and competencies in a project context. Our consultants experienced the different roles and various tasks of a project manager and, among other things, tested to lead and motivate employees in situations of conflicts. Further on, they also learnt how to adapt their own leaderships styles to varied settings.

In parallel, the rhetoric training took place. As some of the core competencies of our consultants are communication and persuasion skills, this training aimed to promote rhetorical skills in different situations. With simple techniques and an individual video feedback, the personal learning curve was high. At the same time, our consultant didn’t miss out on fun while learning: for instance, in a practical exercise about the “rule of five”, spontaneous comments were given on randomly selected questions.

Both trainings were conducted by a mixed group of trainers: Besides the acondas founder and General Manager Joerg Fengler, the renowned external management coaches Dragan Milicevic, Kerstin Köhler and Andreas Seitz accompanied the trainings and brought in their extensive know-how.

The beautiful old town of Vienna provided the perfect framework to deepen the exchange of experiences among each other and to duly end this year’s off-site get-together.

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