acondas holds its 50th client training

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In addition to consulting services, acondas offers various trainings to our clients’ employees in project-related tasks, methods and skills. In June 2017, we held our 50th client training.

Since our first client training in summer 2013 we have trained approx. 650 employees from our client organisations on more than 100 training days focusing on various skills required for project work.

acondas client trainings – facts and figures

trainings facts

The training program consists of six trainings to develop the skills of our client employees’:

1. Project Management Training (acondas PMT®)
2. Agile Project Management (acondas APM®)
3. Project Basic Training (acondas PBT®)
4. Communication and Chart Design
5. Leadership Training
6. Organisation in Group Companies

acondas client training program

What makes our training unique:

  • – Led by practitioners with extensive project experience
  • – Lots of practical exercises
  • – Exercises using real project situations
  • – In-depth exchange of experience in the group

Plus: Thanks to a modular structure, the content and scope of the trainings can be adjusted to fit individual client needs.

Past participants have given our training overwhelmingly positive scores: On a scale from 1 (excellent) to 4 (poor), our trainings have earned an average rating of 1.3. In particular, participants appreciate the training structure, the large number of practical exercises and intense exchange with highly experienced practitioner trainers.

If you have questions about our training program, feel free to contact us at:

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