acondas goes digital: six Scrum Masters certified – and counting

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 11.04.2017

Digitization is much more than a passing fancy. In most companies, it is a well-established driver of many ongoing projects. The ever-growing importance of digitization demands new project management approaches and instruments. Since digitization projects often include large innovative components and are tightly interwoven with IT, they are often difficult to manage using classical methods. In this setting, agile approaches that can meet the specific characteristics of the new challenges are a much better match.

Scrum offers a consistent and unified framework for tackling innovative projects focusing on development topics. Scrum terms such as “product backlog”, “timeboxing” and “definition of done” have found firm footing well beyond IT and innovation in project management lingo, and the concepts they are based on are gaining more and more importance in day-to-day work.

To further develop our competence in this cutting edge field, half a dozen acondas consultants have already earned Scrum Master certification – and more are in the pipeline. This bolsters the sustainability of our ongoing effort to leverage world-class knowledge in helping our clients achieve their project goals. In fact, we are already applying agile methods in many ongoing projects. Our solid mastery of these methods and how to put them to use to realize operational project targets on site helps us support our clients in successfully making their digitization goals a reality – acondas goes digital!

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