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Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 15.09.2020

The word freedom has a nice ring to it, and many companies are rallying behind it. Employees should realize their full potential and try out new things. However, this is difficult to implement in practice. Where is there room for freedom when the appointment calendar is completely packed? Why try out new approaches when the results will ultimately have to fit into old schemas or be measured based on outdated performance indicators?

acondas has developed its own approach. Under the name agile acondas, we work in small teams to build up new knowledge and further develop our company. Each team has its own focus, such as marketing, change management or improving internal processes. Everyone is free to join a team freely and, even within the teams, specialize individually.

But this is only one element of various in agile acondas. Our employees can also apply new methods in the projects and organize their work individually. Is the old communication tool more of a hindrance for coordination? No problem, we’re open to experiment and ready to test a new tool next month. Are the project processes inefficient? We encourage all employees to suggest new, pragmatic solutions and then to conduct a workshop using new moderation methods or exercises, whether digital or analog.

It is important to us that each employee is not only encouraged but also challenged early on according to his or her abilities. This means that not all our decisions always have to be approved by the experienced project managers. All employees, regardless of their hierarchical level, can and should take on tasks and make and implement decisions independently. Because we trust our employees. And that also makes it easier to turn tasks over to others. Perhaps our colleague’s approach is a little different than ours, but we are sure: He will complete the tasks competently just the same.

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