acondas donates to SOS Children’s Villages – Protecting Children in Need

Categories: here at acondas, sustainabilityPublished On: 11.12.2019

It is that time again: Christmas. A time of twinkling lights and Christmas markets, of gingerbread and cinnamon stars, of gifts and joy. But it’s also a time of solidarity, goodwill and charity. A time when we remember those who are worse off than us. During this time, acondas remembers the many children worldwide who are the affected by poverty, forced migration, war, starvation and natural disasters.

According to the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund, approximately 4.4 million children in Germany are affected by poverty. And worldwide that figure is nearly 385 million children, according to a UNICEF report. Furthermore, the 2018 annual global report of SOS Children’s Villages reveals that around 218 million children were doing child labor, 250,000 children were active soldiers, 175 million children had no access to preschool education, 140 million children had neither parents nor caretakers and approximately 36 million children were fleeing danger or persecution.

To protect children worldwide and to give them the chance to have a better life, SOS Children’s Villages has been fighting for children in need for many years. With over 2,100 projects in over 130 countries, SOS Children’s Villages offers vocational training for young people, provides families around the world with childcare, training, school fees and micro loans, and provides schooling for children and youth.

This year once again, acondas is supporting the SOS Children’s Villages by donating 3,000 euros instead of giving our customers and business partners Christmas presents. It’s our way of helping that children in need now and in the future have a loving home and are empowered to shape their own future.

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