acondas celebrates with its first SIBE-Alumni

Categories: here at acondasPublished On: 10.07.2019

Theory and practice often behave like fire and water. Both are indisputably part of reality but combining them usually proves very complicated. This is also true for ambitious projects in companies. Managers facing complex change projects often turn to scholarship for state-of-the-art approaches, only to quickly face hard reality when they attempt to transfer scientific theories to real-life management decisions in their company. That is because such theories are usually far too abstract to be implemented easily and require time-consuming adaptation.

To align both worlds and to further educate its own employees, acondas entered a cooperation with the Steinbeis School of International Management and Entrepreneurship in early 2017. It offers an integrated Master’s program that not only covers management theories and techniques, but also requires students to invest significant study time in an internal company project that they set up, plan and run on their own. This links the latest scientific findings with practice and encourages students to take responsibility, initiate a project and develop their problem-solving and management skills.

Now, two years later, the first acondas student has finished his Master’s program. Our senior consultant Christoph earned his Master of Science degree in International Management in May. In his acondas project, he analyzed various approaches to managing digitalization projects within companies to identify the conditions that influence whether agile or classic methods are more likely to succeed.

After graduating, Christoph summed up his thoughts:

“The program was a great opportunity to develop myself both in terms of competence and personally. The high degree of responsibility and trust I was given to develop my project and the support I was given by the university and acondas were both highly motivating and challenging. That is why I am very happy to have completed the program.“

acondas can’t agree more and we would like to extend our warm congratulations to our colleague on successfully completing his studies!

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