5-year anniversary of acondas

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acondas has turned 5 on July 1, 2016. We would like to take this opportunity to look back on the key milestones in the first five years of our history.

On July 1, acondas started to work on its first implementation projects from the headquarters on Parsevalstraße 9B, Düsseldorf, as well as from a second office location in Hamburg’s AlsterCity. In October, we already supported the first project in another European country (the Netherlands).

The year 2012 was characterized by the build-up and growth of our consulting business: In March, we started our 10th client project. In October, the number of employees had climbed to 15. And in December, we opened our third office, in Berlin.

In January, we introduced two new consulting levels: The first acondas Partner and our first Business Analyst joined the acondas team. Our regional growth was emphasized by the opening of our Munich office. In May, the number of our clients climbed to 10, including 5 of the 30 DAX companies. We extended our service portfolio by client trainings and conducted our first Project Management Training (acondas PMT®) for a large international group. acondas became more and more known in the public: In November, the German magazine Wirtschaftswoche published an article on the German consulting market and introduced acondas as one of the emerging newcomers (“Jenseits von Eden”).

The year 2014 was marked by a continuation in growth and a broadening of our product portfolio. In January, we published our first acondas whitepaper on “Carve-out”. Our client trainings enjoyed a high demand. In August, we conducted our first client training abroad (USA). In September, the number of employees increased to 30. Our project assignments became more and more international: In November, we supported the first project outside Europe.

Our expertise had been developed further. In April, we published an acondas whitepaper „Innovation Process and Architecture“, in collaboration with innoZ, an innovation center in Berlin. In May, acondas’ consulting approach was prominently introduced in brand eins magazine (“Mein Team, dein Team”). In 2015, we started with the external certification of our consultants. In July, the first acondas consultants were successfully certified as project managers by PMI standard. By end of the year, acondas supported 20 client companies, including 7 of the 30 DAX companies.

In February, our new webpage went online, fully adapted to the new digital age. In April, acondas received the cardea audited performance (cap) quality certification for outstanding consulting services. In June, we conducted the 30th client training and the 20th internal acondas training.

And how will 2016 continue? Be in for a surprise: The second half of this year will bring some more highlights.

A warm thank you to our clients, business partners and employees for your trusting cooperation. We are very much looking forward to the years to come!

Picture source cover photo: tbd – istockphoto.com (edited by acondas GmbH)

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